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Jalapeno Cupcake Wench

First of all I want to wish you a Happy 4th of July tomorrow, and my Canadian readers a belated Happy Canada Day!

Next, don't leave your pets outside. Most are frightened by fireworks, and many break out and become lost over this holiday. Be a good pet parent.

Now to the goodies .....

Gracie is finally here! Well, she's almost here :)

Keep reading.

A hot and spicy taste of murder—and more.
During the day, law enforcement consultant Gracie Hofner is on assignment at a small San Antonio bakery, waiting for a delivery. No one knows what it is or when it will arrive. The upside? Working next to Donovan Beck, a flirty hunk and a half—perfect fling material.
At night, Gracie resumes her search for a little girl and her mother who went missing following a double murder. Finding the pair is imperative or the girl will become a target.
At the girl’s aunt’s house, Gracie experiences a peculiar need to leave immediately. She tries to deny the urge to flee and pushes the pressure aside, b…

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